Hello all!

I'm considering doing a section of the PCT next year :-) in celebration of my 50th birthday :-( I'm looking for a 50 or so mile stretch I could do sometime in the first 6 months of 2011.

So this question kinda hammock, kinda terrain related. I'm looking for lots of wide open sky and views AND the potential to use my HH but I'd probably settle for my Tarptent Rainbow if I had to.

Would any of you suggest specific sections that make sense for this undertaking? I was already thinking of Desolation Wilderness (Rt 50 to Rt 80) along west side of Lake Tahoe as a possibility, though from another thread it sounds like it's not hangable but would have the views and terrain I was looking for on this trip.

So, what do you think? Thanks in advance for all the collective knowledge on this!