Hi all!!!!
I'm brand new to hammock camping, but I have a problem...no hammock.
Well...not really...I received my Mosquito Hammock on Monday, but much to my disappointment, the zipper on the mosquito netting only had 1 slider not 2 as advertised. Not sure if I'm being anal, but $150 is $150!
I've just e-mailed him to ask for a refund. Kind of sucks because return shipping to Thailand is like $14!

Anyway.....assuming I get my refund, suggest to me a hammock.
I do want 4 season capability, which was a real turn on to the Clayton Jungle hammock. I most likely won't do 4 season, but I may try. I made my first snow cave last year and had a great nights sleep in it too!
Anyway....I'm 6'2" and 240 lbs. I know my size limits me to only a select few hammocks. I've looked at many, but probably not as many as all of you know about.

Thanks for your help and I look forward to participating here.