Hi folks,
just a quick note to introduce myself, My name is Andre and i live in british columbia, canada. I have never camped but i would like to start so i am going to do it right and go straight to a hammock without even trying a tent.

I plan on just experimenting with it over the winter, learn all the ins and outs, and then in the spring i will start car camping with my son and perhaps an overnight hiking trip with some friends.

I just ordered an Ultralight Backpacker A-sym for the great price of 119.00 dollars and that includes shipping from Hennessy. I purchased it through the odds and end sale on their website, the only downside is the hideous colours, purple hammock with yellow trim, blue fly with black trim. I can live with the colour scheme, especially since it is a brand new hammock for a sixty dollar savings.

Anyway i won't post too much, i like to use the search function when i join a site. but i will post if i can't find the answers i need. I will also provide updates of my progress with the hammock. It should arrive at the end of next week or early the following week.