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    winterPartIX.UQ experiment

    This week had the chance to try the winterPartIX.UQ of TwoPartIX.UQ.

    This is the prototype-experiment UQ. Happily made and made over and made over as many wrote here of their Insultex experiments and I looked how the pros do it.

    summerPartIX.UQ is a darted, shaped 5'long, one layerIX UQ; tabs for suspension or attachment to ripstop nylon layer.

    I have been using this in spring and summer; IX alone or with nylon layer ( ENO sl ).
    My husband has been using the winterPartIX.UQ ( ENO dbl ).

    winterPartIX was the first experiment : 40" wide, decided to not cut off the extra 20", but folded 10" on each side. Folded and sewn on edge and left as a flap, expecting it to lay towards the middle and catch air, warm air. Added 16" flaps at top and bottom.
    Shaped to shoulders, tapered to feet; attached to ripstop with channels all around. Channels to adjust lengths, widths, shapes until form was determined.

    The summerPartIX.UQ combines with winterPartIX.UQ for two plus layers of IX and one or two of ripstop. Pick and choose, attached with shockcord.

    When husband in ENO and winterPartIX.UQ attached he felt warm instantly.

    This week placed the one layer summerIX.UQ in the pocket of the WBBB; husband giving my WBBB a trial run. The IX stayed in place enough for summer.

    I got to try the winterPartIX.UQ. The double IX at the shoulders is effective.
    Will see how much so this autumn.

    winterPartIX.UQ is for vanCamping.
    summerPartIX.UQ is for backpacking.
    next a winterPartIX.UQ for backpacking.
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