As some of you all know my garage was broken into a few weeks ago and amoung other items, some of my prized gear was stolen including my wbbb 1.7 my oes deluxe tarp in spinn and my ula circiut. the thieves took these i believe cause the rubbermaid tote i stored them in had a label marking the tote as stereo stuff from when i had moved some yrs ago. Boy i bet they were disappointed. Anyway i need to really thank each and every one of you for your support your donations and the gifts i have recieved, it was very overwhelming and the people here are just plain awesome, I can only hope to hike,kayak, camp, hang, with each and everyone of the you members sometime in my life, If ever any one of you find your travels in south central wisconsin, please look me up and i'll take ya out kayaking or for some cheese curds, All the suport i got proved to me that there are people in this world that still have heart. for that i am ever greatful. the month of aug has to have been the worst i have ever had in life, many things have happened from losing my gear to losing my job to losing my wife (??) however i did get another job and its better than the one i lost, once again i just wanted to put out there a great big THANK YOU!!!! I don't have the names of all the donating people but they know who they are and i thank them. i will close this as i have rambled on long enough,

p.s. i recieved my gear on thursday, Warbonnet outdoors rocks.

kayaknut01 (ED)