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    I'd go with the KISS principle: Cut the hook off with a kitchen knife. Use matches or a lighter to to melt the ends & prevent fraying. Tie an overhand knot.

    There you have it - a strap with a loop in the end and you could probably have it all done in the time it takes to find a needle and poke a thread into it. (Maybe a minor exaggeration.)

    I've been using straps like this for 2-3 yrs without problems. Interestingly, I haven't witnessed any of the slippage that Coldsalmon reported, (except for the very first time the straps are loaded.) I use a tail of probably about 1 1/2 inches.

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    Bolt cutters failed, and I ultimately ended up putting the hooks in a vise, and using crow bars to pull them apart. One piece of webbing caught caught and ripped to shreds.
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