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    will tarp start leaking when it touches the hammock?

    Hi, just another newbie dropping his problems on the forum. But first a little intro and nickname explanation. I’m from the Netherlands (so sorry for the bad English-spelling), addicted to the music of marillion ( these fans are often called “anoraks”) but also to kayaking (sea/whitewater/surf) so I often wear an anorak.
    And now also really addicted to hanging. Although wildcamping isn’t allowed here there are a few nice places out of sight as an option. I just bought a HH-asym. Sleeps great but the tarptuning keeps me busy when the weatherforecast gets worse… (most of the time in this country) And I read on the net…. “While others are still working on their tents, you are already relaxing in your hammock… “ sounds great !!! well… not me…
    The Asym tarp gives already a minimum coverage and when I’m entering the hammock the hammock is getting closer to the ground and creating more space between tarp and hammock and therefore a even worser protection. I’ve already placed shockcords on the guylines so the tarp keeps taut . ( and even hang my kayak-shoes on the guylines which start containing water when it rains(as an alternative to the waterbottle –guyline-tensioning, only I’m not drinking it …lol..)
    Tried a separate ridgeline , tied under the hammock straps with prussiks so I can shift the tarp to the point most needed This works but is hard to tune:
    Tarpridgeline too low and it is impossible to tighten the guylines because of the hammockridgeline which is higher
    Too high and the tarp gives not enough coverage…
    Just when I think it’s ok and I enter the hammock I doubt whether the rain will get under the tarp or not..With the wind from a specific direction it will be ok but a small change of direction it will not..and as the fabric of the hammock is not waterresistant I’m about to sleep in my wetsuit !!!
    Btw, I used to know “never touch the tarp because it will leak at that spot “ But my tarp touches the hammock ridgeline and by windgusts also the netting… Pitching the tarpedges more up creates an opening for the wind and rain, pitching the tarp closer to the hammock allows a windgust to touch the hammock or myself or the thermarest
    When I don’t use a separate ridgeline for the tarp, but connect it to the hammockline ( as instructed by Hennessy) the tarp lowers to the ground equally with the hammock when I’m entering it but then again, the tarp touches the hammockridgeline…so … will it start leaking ?
    I’ve tried to attach a photo… looks ok, but when I’m entering the viewpoint of this picture is open for rain…
    Of course, I can buy a bigger hex tarp with more coverage but how are others dealing with this?

    Hope to hear from you …
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    Everything is fine that you are doing. The "don't touch the tent" rule doesn't apply to sil nlyon of most of today's waterproof textiles. I ahve been through a lot of rain with the stock HH tarp and never got we when i was sober.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dutch View Post
    Everything is fine that you are doing. The "don't touch the tent" rule doesn't apply to sil nlyon of most of today's waterproof textiles. I ahve been through a lot of rain with the stock HH tarp and never got we when i was sober.
    how would you know....Mr i like to hide and it never rains when i'm hiking LOL

    you shouldn't have any problems with Sil ......
    It puts the Underquilt on it's hammock ... It does this whenever it gets cold

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    you might want to get a bigger tarp. When I had the asym I didn't like the coverage area either and got a bigger tarp which was sil nylon and weighed about the same as the coated tarp that came with the HH. A lot of people switch out the suspension for something a little easier to adjust.

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    Anorak84, I am also a Marillion fan, something quite uncommon on this side of the pond. I most like their early work with Fish, but Steve is OK, too. By the way, my brother in law is the headmaster of the American International School at The Hague, so I hear about your wonderful weather all the time from my sister.

    Sorry, but I cannot add anything to your questions. I am still new to hanging out and do not yet have any experience in this area.
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