In a recent but now closed thread I read the following about Dutch Biners:

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Brand new, 2 still in JRB package. $40 shipped
2 sets of 2 dutch biners, brand new

I thought they would replace my dutch clips and work with my huggers, but the gate is too small for that.
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I should also note that im using the biner like a dutch clip. I have it sewn into one loop on my webbing, then i wrap it around the tree and clip it back onto the webbing. Im not connecting it to a sling at all.
I was hoping to do the same, so I was wondering if anyone else has tried replacing the Dutch Clip with the Dutch Biner and what was the result?

I haven't got any problems with the gate being too small, but my fear is that the inside of the Biner will damage the tree hugger, since only small sections of the inner sides are rounded (for it's "intended use"). The webbing will of course be supported by the sides that are not rounded.

Any thoughts? Can it be done or do I need to order a pair of Dutch Clips (or normal carabiners) as well?

Comments and suggestions are most welcome