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Thread: Suspension Q

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    What I have tried

    I had a chance to hang the Claytor with both the AHE ultra light buckles and the JRB tri-glides:

    The AHE buckles were very easy to adjust. I did need to add a slippery half hitch after hitting the ground the first time trying them with strapworks HSS1P webbing. I did not have this problem with the stock WBBB webbing. I was really impressed by the comfort of this hammock.

    I then tried the Jacks tri-glides and Dutch clips on the Claytor. This left the end open the same way the stock suspension would. I personally could not feel a difference in how the hammock hung. This was a VERY quick test though as it was my Mothers birthday and I was supposed to be inside, not testing out multiple hammocks and suspensions

    Other thoughts:
    The buckles with Dutch clips were really quick and easy. Watch what straps you use with them, the half hitch was needed with the HSS1P webbing but not with others I have tried and this webbing made the setup much heavier. Does anyone have a recommendation for webbing?

    The Tri-glides felt the same to me (5 minute test), were much lighter and I did really like them but the fiddle factor went up drastically for me as far as getting the hang angles I wanted. I liked the light weight and did leave them on the Claytor so that I can test again soon with different hanging distances. If I can get the fiddle factor down lower I will keep these on the hammock.

    I have a few picks of the buckles. I will edit with picks of the Tri-glides when I have a chance.
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    I bought a claytor nonet last Christmas--------I converted the suspension over to speer straps, triglides, and dutch clips. I dont know if I did it right, or if I did it the best way possible, but heres what worked for me...........I cut the strap in 2 pieces. The first piece, I fed through the end channel, and then placing the two ends over the top of each other, I sewed them together. (leave one end a little longer, maybe a foot?) Take the longer end, feed it through your triglide. Take the other piece of strap, and feed it through the triglide, on top of the first piece. What I like about this set up is, I can adjust the tension of the strap , with out having to adjust the loop that feeds through the end channel. Anyway, it works well for me! Combined with dutch clips, its really easy to adjust and set up. I also added an adjustable ridge line, to hold up my mosquito net, and am in the process of rigging it up so i get a consistant hang every time. (by marking the ridge line) Also, Ive heard other people say that when they switch from straps to small diameter line throught the end channel, they tend to have more shoulder pinch. The straps tend to hold the end open a little more.
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    I just switched suspension on my DIY Jungle Hammock and came up with a solution that let's you run a doubled loop through the channel and then attach both ends to your cinch buckle or rings with a lark's head. This allows the hammock to slide and adjust along the channel and does not cinch down the channel. At the same time the system is easily removable without tying or untying any knots so if you had to use your JH as a bivi you could. Here's a link to the thread:

    It was a easy DIY switch and if you like a ring buckle or cinch buckle suspension then it is a good option for a Claytor.

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