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    Tishomingo "Papoose" DIY Hammock

    My first attempt at making a hammock.
    Been poking around for a week looking to buy one but decided I'd give it a shot and make one. So I'd made some stuff sacks and small stuff by hand stitching but wasn't about to try to hand stitch a hammock. I went and bought a cheap sewing machine and learned how to sew in a bout 30 min. Definitely need practice (see my stitching in the photos) but I was able to successfully sew my design. Tested it and works quite nicely.

    Two 120"x48" semi-overlapping panels to make an overall 120" x 60". The overlap creates 36 wide inch dual layer for increased strength and on one side of the seam I hemmed a 20" slot open to slide in a sleeping pad or other base. Remaining 12" on each side is single layer. I did not sew any cord or permanently affix gathering so that it could also be opened fully to be used as a sheet or another similar use. I made a black bishop bag to go with it.

    Let me know if you have any questions or comments. I'd like to improve (add a net). I have a high resolution version of the template if you want it.

    I'll update this post with some legit photos later, just wanted to get something up quick.

    YouTube Video:

    $13 for nylon
    $5 thread
    $4 paracord
    8 hours of my time....$$$$

    I'm half Chickasaw indian so I named the hammock after Chief Tishomingo.
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    Nice! For a first time project, it looks great.
    Where did you get your material. Thats a good color.

    Do the seams/hems underneath bother the lay in the hammock?
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    Nice idea. Great job. Happy Hangin'
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    I bought the material at walmart. I do not believe the seams affect the lay. I need to spend more time in it to confirm.


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