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Thread: fabric proposal

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    kelly green is really bright, almost flourescent. yuck

    try calling noah lamports. they don't list sil on their site either, but had it last time i called. the problem then, was that they had lost their source, and were saying they couldn't get it anymore, but they did have some left, no green at the time though. maybe they found another source though, it's worth a shot. the guy told me they sell to owf, quest, and seattlefabrics. they definately have big wholesale discounts, and i don't think their min order is necessarilarly that big either. deal may get better based on larger quantities though, i'm not sure. not sure about their breathables either, i was only looking for green sil at the time. it's worth a shot.

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    Where do Hennessy and Kifaru get their coyote brown sil from? Some body is making the stuff.

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    most of that stuff is made in china or wherever, and the fabric is likley the same. most of the stuff available in the us is made in the us. there is just not as good a selection of the american made stuff. i would like to get my hands on some eno fabric, but it's the same way. call them and ask about their supplier, they might even sell you some, but they likely don't have any, it's probably all dealt with by the foreign manufacturer, who is basically a subcontractor, and makes gear for lots of different companies.

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    The HH seem to have nice breathable and sil greens and browns, will send Tom and email soon.

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