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    Skeeter Beeter or Blackbird?

    After expressing interest in hammock camping (remembering afternoons in a WWII canvas model when I was a boy), my kids bought a GT UL Skeeter Beeter for me at the local outdoor store.

    People who have them seem to like them well enough, except for the suspension system, which adds to the cost. Tarps seem to be an expensive add-on no matter whose hammock you buy.

    I'm wondering which I should do:

    A)Stick with the GT as the cheapest option to try out hammock camping, jury-rig a suspension as needed, and buy a tarp to use with any hammock; or

    B) Return the GT and apply the money to a WB Blackbird as the setup I may eventually go to. It sounds as though it has a good suspension system to begin with, so the tarp would be the only additional cost.

    Obviously, no right or wrong answer here, but what would you experienced tree hangers advise?

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    id stick with the GT for the time being. do what you were going to do suspension upgrade-wise, and figure out if hammocking is your thing. at that point it will be pretty obvious that you want to get a WBBB. youll then have a nice loaner hammock to serve the hammock punch to your friends and other ground sleepers it for pics.

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    Ha Ha...this sounds like searching around for the doctor who will tell you what you want to hear.

    you KNOW this site is littered with BB converts....all out to convert others.

    I have a few hammocks (Byer's Moskito traveller, Treklight double...) and ended up choosing the Switchback over the Blackbird. Reasons: I liked the spreader bars (feels cavernous inside), the ability to enter/exit on both sides, ability to turn around while inside hammock (say, sun is in your eyes), not being limited to choosing which side you want to have your head/feet as you do with a BB. what if the view is on the other side?

    That said, I'd love to try a BB....everyone says how comfortable they are.

    I say, go for the BB off the bat. However, if you wouldn't have too much trouble raising the money for a BB later on and you have a spouse/SO/kid who you would pass on the skeeter beeter you could go that route...but then you'd have to have suspension/tarp etc. for two hammocks. might as well go for the Bird.

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    Do you like beer or Champaign ? On a side note can't talk for the WBBB but I have th GT and w/ a set of whoopies tree straps its only 10.5 oz

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