I'm going to take a risk here and talk about something that is keeping me from sleeping in my hammock.
I get motion sickness. Period.
I have taken the hammock out 3 different times this year and each time end up either sleeping on the ground (not the best option) or in the back seat of my car (definately no longer an option).
It has been suggested to me to guy it out using lines. I have gone over every inch of my hammock and there is just no where to place any grommets. I have an inexpensive (cheap) Byer Moskito Hammock and there is no room for grommets. I didn't want to invest a lot of money into something I would hate. The problem is that I love it. I just can't swing. lol
Now, I know you're thinking what's the point of having a hammock if you get sick every time you get in it.
Well, the point is that it's the most comfortable thing I've ever layed in. I put my big agnes in there and man oh man talk about feeling good.....that is until I start to swing. OMG! It's awful! I didn't make it out of the hammock the last time before getting sick on my dog. He wasn't real happy wtih me that night. LOL
So....I'm desperate for suggestions. This is the only place I thought I'd get an answer to my dilemma...ask the experts!