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    Crows Nest review

    This is a very brief review of my Crows Nest that I received back in the summer. Here in TN we had one of the hottest summers we've had in a while. As a result I was unable to try out the crows nest until this last weekend. I visited with my in-laws in southwest virginia over the weekend and slept out in my WBBB for two nights using my new crows nest. I used the crows nest and my Mountain Hardwear down bag as a top quilt. I've never been so comfortable sleeping in a hammock. I've always either frozen to death or been clammy (when using a pad) or a combination of the two. I was very comfortable. It took a couple minutes to get the drawstring at the top and bottom adjusted and then I slept great. My only issue was that my feet got cold on the first night (I had forgotten my sit-pad which I put under my feet, but tried to use a jacket instead). The second night I used a folded-up wool blanket under my feet and fixed the issue.

    The temps got down into the mid 40s both nights. I am so glad I got the crows nest. I had given hammock camping a try several years ago and gave it up due to being too cold. Now I couldn't be happier.

    two thumbs up.


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    Thanks for the review

    I'm waiting for an UQ from StormCrow, so in the mean while I'm reading everything I can find on UQs to make the waiting time more bearable... not working yet

    Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished...

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    Which Crowsnest do you have; summer, three-season, or winter?



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