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    Why do we use dutch clips, carabiners, soft shackles etc...

    Hello all

    First note: I'm a complete noob at all this hammock stuff and have slept in my WBBB a grand total of 2 nights.

    First time with the stock strap suspension with carabiners.
    Second time with dynaglide whoopies, tree straps and soft shackles.

    I'm just wondering why we need to use an additional attachment thingy on the tree straps.
    I have the whoopie website 6' tree straps and they have a loop sewn into each end.
    Can you just run the strap back through one eye after looping it around the tree and then marlin hitch it for the whoopie attachment at an appropriate point on the remainding strap.
    The way I see it is the carabiner, dutch clip or soft shackle from the end eye in the strap back onto the strap mid way does the same thing.

    I could be missing some very obvious point or safety reason for using an additional attachment method like dutch clips etc.

    Maybe it would slip if run through the eye or something.

    It seamed to make sense in the garage, but then again most things do...

    I'd appreciate anyone with more experience to comment.
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