I was searching around the internet looking for a replacement zipper slider for a hammock zipper. One of the places I checked was Sailrite.

I found they have some very nice free videos which not only describe many things about zippers such as pros and cons of the different types of zippers and how to install them but also several videos explaining how to sew different types of seams, the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of seams.

Their videos are heavy on boating activities but there is much that might be of interest to hammock camper DIY types. Other topics are different types of snaps and other fastening techniques.

Here are a few sample links. Look around you might find others of interest.





First of 6 pages of videos, many are free to view on-line, others are DVDs to be purchased.


The guy in most of the videos is named Eric, many if not all of the same videos can be found on his youtube channel. There are something like 250 videos.


Maybe something of interest.