Questions for any HG Summer Burrow (HGSB) users.
1. How cold have you taken the HGSB down to wearing baselayer only?
2. What was your underside insulation?
3. Are you a cold or hot sleeper?

I'm a cold sleeper. Last week found the lower end of my comfort zone (breezy upper 40*F) using the 3 season Yeti and a synthetic tq. That one colder night was actually a bit uncomfortable. The tq for ground use is limited to lower 60*F. The same tq using the Winter Yeti has been more than warm in the lower 50*F. In a hammock the temp I can take the tq down to is more dependent upon my bottom side insulation. For whatever reason found that if I go with overkill on the bottom side insulation the tq can be taken down below the "rated" temp. Maybe unrealistic, but maybe with the Winter Yeti and sleeping in my insulating layer I can take the HGSB down to upper teens on a calm night. Would be a nice light (~34oz total for tq,uq, footpad) and compact sleeping kit for autumn nights.