I just finished sewing my first hammock (Thanks Just Jeff for the great instructions on your site ).

All of the instructions I've ever seen make the support line and ridge line as two separate pieces. I'm thinking about using a single piece of line to serve both functions. My logic being that fewer knots means fewer possible points of failure.

Details of my plan:

1. Use BPL AirCore Plus spectra line (rated at 1109 pounds)
2. Use a stevedore knot at each end of the hammock interior to set the length of the ridgeline but leave an extra 18" of line extending out through the whippings of the hammock
3. Tie rings at both loose ends of the line for a strap-and-ring system

Since I've never seen this done before; I'm wondering if there's a reason -- like I'll end up crashing or something.

Any thoughts? Good idea? Bad idea?