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    compressed Insultex bundle

    Nice test. Small bundle.
    Makes one think : might as well throw another ( extra )layer into the backpack.

    Bought 10 yds of Insultex from Sherpa.

    She compressed 10 yds of IX into a 13.5" x 12" x 3" PriortyMail box.

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    Quote Originally Posted by G...Hawk View Post
    Makes one think : might as well throw another (extra) layer into the backpack.
    Last winter, I carried a 3 yard piece of raw Insultex with me. It was most effective when used to fill up the air volume above me, inside my IX Hammock Sock.

    I also carried a 1 yard piece with me last winter, which was more practical. That one usually ended up inside my PeaPod, or inside the IX Hammock Sock.

    It packs tight, but you just have to be sure it doesn't get compressed in use.
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