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    ENO Double Nest vrs Grand Trunk Double Parachute

    Eagle Nest Outfitters (ENO) Double Nest Hammock vrs Grand Trunk Parachute Nylon Double Hammock

    I own both hammocks and the wife and I have used both in our back yard and on day trips. We have not spent the night in either although I know people on the forum do so with great success. I am 6 ft 2” and weight 275 lbs. I bought both of the hammocks while they were on sale at different sites and paid about $45 for each.

    Both hammocks are gathered end hammocks and come with a heavy duty rope thru the end with heavy snap links. You can save several ounces by changing out the factory rope and snap links for much lighter weight Amsteel and Arrowhead cinch buckles. They do not come with bug nets or a ridge line although both could be added.. Both are well made and the quality of the stitching is very good. I did find one lose thread on the ENO but nothing that effected the usability or quality of the hammock. Both hammocks come with a stuff sack sewn onto the side of the hammock that you can use to store the hammock (or hold a beer or glasses ect while hanging). These hammocks do not have an up or down side unless you want to count being able to access the built in stuff bag as the way to determine an up and down side.

    Visually the hammocks look almost identical. They both have a central color with an extra trim cloth of a contrasting color along the outside length with the only purpose I can determine is for a visual appeal. The only way other than looking at the manufactures label to tell them apart is that on my ENO the outer trim cloth is two different colors while the Grand Truck is the same color both sides. All the pictures of other ENO Double Nest I have seen show the outer trim color being the same on both sides so I do not know if having two different trim colors is just on my particular color on the ENO or if mine is an oddball. Either way the color combinations wok together on my ENO.

    Size... while the Grand Trunk is slightly longer, the ENO is a little wider. Just hanging out in the yard I can not tell any real difference in size between the two by looking at them or hanging in them. I can get a fairly flat lay in both hammocks and have studied (taken naps) in both hammocks and have not been able to tell any difference from one to the other. As big as I am I find I have plenty of room in both hammocks length and width wise.

    Weight... While the Grand Trunk weighs 2oz less than the ENO out of the box, I don't find that to be that much of a weight difference unless you are counting the ounces in your pack and by changing the factory rope ends and heavy snap links with something lighter you can save a few ounces.

    Materiel... I do not know what if any difference there is between the ENO's “Breathable Woven Nylon” and the Grand Trunks “Parachute Nylon” except the ENO's material feels just a little smoother than the Grand Trunk. The difference is not that great that it effects my comfort when using either hammock.

    Price... while the Grand Trunk is cheaper on line than the ENO at the manufactures online sites, you can find both on sale for less by surfing the net.

    The Grand Trunk did include a “free hammock hanging kit” consisting of 2 ten foot pre-knotted pieces of 5mm accessory cord. I have not tried using them to hang my Grand Trunk as they are way to short to be usable for my needs. Figure I might be able to use them for a tarp.

    I contacted both companies via email or on line form asking them where their hammocks are made as this information is not on their web sites. Both companies responded with 48 hours to my question.

    Recommendation...If you were to blindfold me and place me in either hammock and make me guess which was which I would have a very hard time telling. I like them both and do not regret getting either one. How would I decide which one to get, I recommend going for the lowest price at the time. Or just buy one of each. I throw them both in my van when ever I travel in case I get a chance to hang out for a little.

    http://www.eaglesnestoutfittersinc.c...uct_index.html ENO Grand Trunk

    The attached file breaks down the stats between the two hammocks.
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