I am new to hanging and plan to spend a good amount of time this fall on the AT in the Maine woods. I have been debating for a while on which UQ to purchase. I would love to make my own, but I just do not have the sewing skills. Anyway, it has not been an easy choice. There are some great products out there, and the Hammock Forums have really helped to make sense of it all. After a great deal of back and forth I ordered a 3 season Crows Nest this morning. Why did I choose a Hammock Gear product?

1. High Quality Products. Based on all the feedback I have seen it is obvious that Hammock Gear takes pride in it's products and craftmanship. But other vendors do as well.

2. Balance. For me, the 3 season Crows Nest is a great balance between weight, quality and thermal protection. But there are other UQ's that are also provide these attributes.

So why ultimately did I choose Hammock Gear? I love the fact that Adam is so involved with his customers. He actively communicates on the forums and it is clear that he listen's to their feedback and is always striving to better his product and service. I have worked in retail sales for over 20 years and to me who I am buying from is as important as the product they sell.

So thanks for being a great vendor Adam. I am counting the days until I can enjoy your product. Get it here fast man. I don't want to miss the Fall weather up here.

So now I could use some thoughts on a TQ. I am a hot sleeper and will have the Crows Nest below me with a CCF pad for the feet. I want to go as light as possible for the TQ. What does everyone recommend for temps down to the mid 40's?