I know, it's almost like a troll post. There are as many ways to do this as there are to chew gum.

I'm sold on the continuous ridgeline. That's easy. Probably going to use amsteel 7/64 but I have some zingit. If I can get a zingit to zingit prussic to work I will skip the amsteel.

Right now I am just trying to picture this in my mind but am having a difficult time.

The ridgeline goes through the tarp grommets. I'm thinking of using the figure 9 method of securing so I would rig the 9s using the "fixed end" method. The tarp would be rigged with a couple hooks to secure to prussics on the ridgeline at both ends.

When it comes time to pitch I wrap around the tree, secure on Fig 9. Go to other end and do the same. Secure clips to prussics and adjust. Stake tie-outs and I'm done.

So here are the questions.

  1. Will the F9 hold well on the zing it?
  2. Will the F9, rigged "fixed end" remain stationary on zing it when threaded through the device and held taut?
  3. How much life can I expect out of the zing it on the F9?
  4. Will a zingit prussic hold on same diameter zingit?
  5. Is this a completely idiotic way of doing this?
  6. When will the Cubs win the World Series?

Any other advice would be helpful.

Oh, one more question, is it worth it to snakeskin the tarp too, separate from the 'mock?

Thanks y'all