I got this travel double hammock on sale and decided to set it up for cool weather. I tried rewhipping it a number of times and went back to the original style. I did convert it to ringbuckles and a ridgeline. I wanted to make an overcover so I have used an old motorcycle cover I had. I rigged a second nonloadbearing ridgeline to support the overcover. My DYI underquilt went on it quite well. The first night the temps got low enough to have frost and I was cool on by butt. So last night I added my semi-inflated, self-inflating spleep pad.(got the idea from slowhike) I bundled up and headed out. I guess between slightly higher temps (no frost) and the pad and clothes, I woke up about 45 minutes later burning up. I imagine it looked really funny watching the hammock move as I hurried ly tried to get out of my sleeping bag, strip out of my fleece jacket, bacclava and long underwear. I slept the rest of the night with just a longsleeve top and shorts. I was comfortable and did not have to zip up my bag or completely cover up to be warm. So I think I may be good down even lower than frost with the setup. We will have to wait and see. the pics are in my gallery.