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    SOLD:double layer hammock for sale

    i made a couple hammocks for a guy at work that now that i bought the material and made them, can't afford them, so i would like to offer them here.

    they are both hammock body only (no netting or anything, eno style) they are 10 feet long. both are double layer 1.9 spruce green. i sewed the layers together at the edges, and left a 4-5 foot opening for inserting a pad between them. one has a velcro closure for the opening, the other has a #3 zipper closure. both have 2000# vectran lines and polyester tree straps. both have stuff sacs as well.

    $50 each.

    pm or reply here if interested.

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    correction, they are not double 1.9, but rather a spruce green 1.9 layer on the outside and a grey 1.1 layer on the inside.

    the velcro one weighs 1 lbs 8.1 oz, and the zipper one weighs 1 lbs 9.5 oz.
    weight includes 2000# vectran line, (2) 6 foot straps and stuff sac

    they have (2) 6 foot tree straps made from the grey strapworks webbing. i was out of the owf camo at the time, but have some now and will switch with the lighter straps if preferred. should make the hammock a little over 2 oz lighter.

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