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    Hello from Kentucky!

    Hello Hammock Forum! I've been a member of the forum for about 3 weeks now but wanted to wait to say hello until i finally got my hammock... Well i just got it in the mail today, a skeeter beeter pro and a Kelty tarp from REI.
    The mail man finally showed up after 2 weeks of waiting and sure enough despite the fact we have had a drought in KY for almost all summer it is apparently over today an it rained all day long. Despite that fact I decide to set it up anyway, but the trees i scoped out last week were too close together so i had to find another spot. Well the 2nd spot i tried to hang it was infested with wasps who were none too happy to see me and i ended up getting stung 4 times for my efforts... Eventually i found a third spot and got the hammock up and laid down for a relaxing 5 minutes in a downpour! Anyway I'm still super excited to go on my first real trip and wanted to say hello to everyone.

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    Third times the charm as they say. Hang in there (no pun intended) your first real hang will be worth all the wait. Welcome to HF!

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    Yep, 3's a charm. Glad that you don't give up easy. By the way, Oklahoma got the rain 2 days ago, after 105 temps, cooled off for one day, then today was hot and humid. So, expect to be hot in a couple of days. I drank my iced tea in my hammock this afternoon, and tomorrow will add a sprig of mint for our new Kentuky member. Welcome!

    Crazy Hammock Lady

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