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    Photos of My Indoor Office Hang

    Okay, here's my home setup, and I use it every evening for reading. I usually fall asleep in it and then wake up at 2:00AM with magazine ink on my face and my spine twisted like a bonsai, and then I slink on back to my real bed. This is my office room, or as my wife calls it, my junk room.

    The swag is as follows:

    ENO pink and khaki hammock. Yes, I'm man enough to use one.

    Byer of Maine Vario stand. The suspension is JRB tree straps, and some old biners I had (advantage: hanging at home, weight of gear no issue. Plus you need not dig a "cat hole" when you wanna poo. But, I digress).

    Ridge Line: made me this sweet ridgeline specifically for my Vario. Notice that I am using the Just Jeff and Stoikurt method for attaching the ridgeline—the Byer of Maine Vario hammock stand flexes inward when you sit on it (this movement is part of the structural/mechanical design for weightbearing, not a deficiency of the product) and the ridgeline would be loose were it not for their fabulous idea of hanging a weight off one end. The weight is my Pelican case with binos, and dry bag with my GT Nano and Tri-glide straps in it. For a tad more weight, I may hang a cowbell tomorrow. Plus, I can yank the ridgeline and jangle the bell a couple times if I need someone to bring me a Twinkie or a pee bottle or something.

    Arrowhead Equipment Lost River Camo UQ, but notice that I am not using it as an underquilt, but rather as a blanket/topquilt. I have the end microcarabiners on shock cord (stock as from Pgibson) going up and clipped to my ridgeline. This keeps it in perfect place, it doesn't fall out of the hammock when I get in and out, and when I get hot, I just push it away and it slides on the ridgeline. How neat is that! In addition, it gives me something to pull down on so that the ridgeline—moveable because of the weighted rather than fixed end—can come down to me in the hammock. I have a 2qzq ridge organizer (the gray one) on the line—so, if I have nutty bars or my cell phone in there and I cannot reach it when in the hammock, I just pull down on the AHE shock cords and the ridgeline and organizer come to me! Plus the camo Lost River on the pink ENO is interesting, like Rambo atop Lady Gaga.

    On the floor there I have a gray 2QZQ underquilt, and will use it under the hammock with my Jacks R Better thin foam pad for a slight degree of warmth should it be needed in winter. Off to the wall side, I have a lamp with a small ledge table on it for my Kindle.

    Now if I can fire up my Trangia stove and get a "rolling boil" for cocoa, like Shug and babelfish5, without burning the house down, I'm ready to turn off the furnace and vegitate all winter long.

    Anyone wanna camp in my mancave? Just bring a sixer of Mich Ultra and you're in.
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