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    Quote Originally Posted by kohburn View Post
    I don't know if anyone has done this before but it came to me as quite possibly the best method for maintaining the tarp tension, tarp position, and avoiding extra ropes on the trees.
    I've been tieing the tarp line to tree huggers for a long time but I never thought about re-looping it back to the tarp and tying it to the hammock line...nice idea...I think I'm gonna try that...

    by the way, I clicked on the picture to bring it up then clicked it again to enlarge it and make the turquoise lettering easier to read...

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    still a good idea but does nothing for me...

    Experimentally learned lesson of yesterday : owing to the idiosyncrasies of my DIY bridge, there isn't anything to be gained for me by attaching the tarp-line to the suspension line.

    I've got a structural ridgeline, the tarp goes over it. The tension on the tarp from the stake-outs keeps the tarp on the line, even when I'm in the hammock. I do clip a micro-biner from the tarp ring to the ridgeline just to prevent the tarp from being pulled too far to one side or the other.

    The main reason to consider pitching the tarp below the ridgeline would be to make a snugger shelter in case of weather. However the wide hiking poles as spreader bars limit how closely I can pull in the sides, so the tarp stays where it is in the picture.

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    after some experimenting this weekend i've decided that its impossible to get the stock asym hennessey tarp ridge tight. I believe it has to do with the fabrics thread orientation.

    the fabric is run diagonal and the hemmed straight edge all the way around. almost every fabric will stretch diagonally do the thread grain. the hemmed edges don't stretch much at all. so when tightening the tarp the outer edge gets tight long before the ridge area gets close and i just can't get it any tighter.

    i'm going to have to make a cat tarp to try this with.


    side note.. i did notice that this systems effectiveness is affected a lot by the length of rope between the tree and the hammock as well as the length of the hammock vs length of the tarp. so it could work etremely well for some setups but not at all for others.

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