I have been lurking for a while and trying to learn as much as possible.
No I am ready to start making my own stuff and have questions.

My ENO double has seams sewn along the edges in two places where the different color fabric is being used. Does anyone know what kind of material they use and what kind of seams are sewn into the hammock? Also, what seams are used on the end.
I really like this hammock for car camping and would like to try and clone one before trying anything too elaborate.

In learning about sewing I am confused about the seams. Everyone seems to be using a flat felled seam or french seam. Is either one better for tarps, hammocks, quilts...etc.

Do most people just use the one seam for most applications?

When sewing netting are the same seams used?

Does anyone use glue on the seams prior to sewing? I fear this could gum up the needle. I have not tried to do a flat felled seam yet and that seemed like one way to make it easier.