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    Hawaii Recommendation

    if youre planning trip to hawaii and you are going to stay on beaches, try to have a smaller fly...the 2 point triangular over the 4 point sqaure. the 30 mph gusts all nite will drive you crazy no matter how tight or what you are using to tie down. the clark jungle fly being the worst for horizontal rain protection it has that wierd shape that wants to concentrate water in a valley.

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    What other flys did you try on the Hawaiian beaches?

    I especially enjoy hanging around Kahului, Maui either in Kanaha Beach Park or in some stealth spots on the south coast off the Hana highway.

    What locations and flys did you try? Do you mean on Kauai? I've never been there, but I've hung out about everywhere you can on Oahu, Maui and the big island. Most of my experience has been with the classic Vietnam style hammock, whose greatly abbreviated rain fly doesn't whip around much. That hammock is not much in vogue around here.

    Now that I've bought Claytor hammocks I've yet to take my biennial trip to Hawaii, so I'd like the benefit of your additional observations. Thanks, and hope you have a sleepy quiet hang next time!
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