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Thread: Final prep

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    Final prep

    Hey all,
    I am going threw my pack and double checking my gear. Really just making sure I have all I need. What am I saying I got my B.B and under quilt, along with my 10deg bag. That's all I lol Till I get hungry and or thirsty.
    But really I cant wait till tomorrow am I am going to the A.T from monson to The north end of long pond there I will stay a few days at a camp of my friends then head south back to my vehicle. Its going to be about a 50 ish mile hike so not to bad. Just going up and over Barren mtn can be a long haul.and a steep one if you have ever gone over it you know how steep it is, and going south down it I think is worst.
    I will take pictures and videos for all. So till I get back, be safe and get out and hike.
    Tiredhiker (aka Shane)

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    Hope you have a great trip, be safe, enjoy, and take lots of pic's/vid's for us to see!!!!

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