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    THANK YOU Papa Smurf and John Sawyer

    Thanks Papa Smurf for starting this thread.
    Thanks to John Sawyer for recycling the mule tape our direction too.

    My son had a friend that invited him to a birthday party who used to be in cub scouts with him. My son invited this boy to a troop meeting and when I found out I dropped a line to his dad saying I wanted to show him something (hammocks). They made it to the meeting and after it was over I showed them hammock camping; they were all kinds of excited. This was Monday Oct. 4th

    On the way home I remembered this thread and swung into the walmart... for the first time they had suitable materials.

    I sewed up a Trek Light clone and using your 'Kit' idea; combined it with 9' of homewrap tyvek, old 'S' hooks, and some mule tape to become his birthday present under $10. In addition I gave them enough extra material and mule tape for his Dad to sew/make one.

    We gave it to them the next morning. He slept in it last night with a buddy and I suspect he'll be sleeping there again tonight.t

    Pictured below is my son in the 'Testing Phase' just before we drove it over.
    I suspect the material is a 2.2oz+ cordura. The hammock is 108" long and had no issue with me at 74" 265lbs.
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