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Windy, cold, rainy, too windy and wet to build a fire. Low's will be in the 20's w/chance of snow. You finally get to your preferred location after a long day of hiking and.......
1. Open up my tarp and set it up. If the weather is bad like you are specifying, it will probably be a low set up.
2. Sit on my pack and eat a candy bar - probably drink some water.
3. Go pee.
4. Get the stove out and start dinner - off to the side under the tarp.
5. Set up the hammock under the tarp - both the side lines will be off to the same side so the hammock is out of the way.
6. Open up my quilts to fluff inside the hammock.
7. Check dinner.
8. Listen to some music and eat dinner.
9. Hang the rest of my stuff off the hammock except my food bag.
10. Go hang the food somewhere else.
12. Open the hammock up by taking the one side pull out and put it where it is supposed to be. At this point I will also hang my underquilt.
13. Climb in bed and read.
14. Get up and go pee again.
15. Go back to bed.

I'd like to know about sequencing in regards to what order you set up your hammock, tarp, what gear you have accessible, where you store it, when you change clothes, cooking/eating, cleaning up, your whole routine for both night and the next morning.
1. My shoes hang off the ridge-line and are out of the entrance on my Hennessy.
2. My clothing bag is my pillow in the hammock.
3. My food bag is hanging somewhere else with my cook kit and all in it.
4. My water bottle is hanging off the ridge-line and is above my head.
5. My pack is hanging off the ridge-line outside the hammock.
6. My lamp is on my wrist so I can find it in the middle of the night.
7. My Misc ditty bag is outside in my pack.
8. Toilet paper is in my pocket in case I need it in the middle of the night.
9. Journal is hanging over the ridge-line in the hammock with the string serving as a bookmark.
10. MP3 player is in the mesh pocket of my ridge-line and headphones are in my ears.
11. My poles are leaned against the tree at the foot of the hammock in case I need one to dig or slay dragons.
12. Lighter and knife are also in my pocket. This is in case of wolf attack so I can build a fire and/or kill wolves.
13. Camera is in the mesh pocket on the ridge-line in case I need to take a picture of the bear getting my food - this always keeps the bears away BTW.