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    pics .... finally

    ok here are some pics, so it happened.
    this is my new summer rig:

    black 1.1 dl wbbb mirrored
    black oes micro tarp
    black kbwaddy secret beta edition

    but back to the thread-
    the micro offers just the right amount of coverage for a light, even heavy downpour. it fits over the wbbb, so it should handle just about any gathered end hmmk.
    any side blowing rain will likely biff your hmmk and/or quilt. pitching
    the tarp is easy enough with the trusty full ridgeline and prussik adjustment,
    making it positioning the tarp correctly a breeze. ridgeline under the tarp, the sil micro is not sewn, so the line creates a nice stiff ridge.

    during setup, i also left the tarp ridgeline slacked, and attached to the tree ABOVE the hmmk suspension. the ridgeline locks up tight once the guy outs are tensioned. this fixed any usual interference between the tarp ridge line and hmmk suspension. me likee.

    take my words with a 'thread of dyneema'. i feel the micro is an awesome
    go-to tarp for those summer trips when clear skies are expected. i do feel
    it would provide sufficient coverage in a downpour, but watch out for wind.
    if you'll be out for more than a few days, i'd go with more coverage. hyoh imho ymmv etc
    that said though, the tarp WAS about 10 - 12" above the wbbb ridgeline. as with any weather protection,
    hanging the tarp closer to the hmmk will create a bit more coverage.

    the micro sil packs down reallll small, about the size of grapefruit. craftsman ship is awesome, per ush from brian at oes. you can't beat it
    for $60. 7.4oz in stuff sack.

    -black rigged

    edit: 2nd pic is biffy. rotate clockwise for proper viewing
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