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    Quote Originally Posted by Law Dawg View Post
    No offense meant Shug, takes all kinds to make the world go around. I've got a sense of humor if I can find where the wife put it (prolly in the box she took the ball and chain from). Different learning styles and mine is tempered from 32 years of LEO investigations. Maybe after retirement I will become 'normal' (a setting on your dryer BTW) again.

    I'll prolly just go with whatever comes stock on the hammock that I settle on. After that the farkeling (a moto term for after market add ons and pennytech DIY too) will begin in ernest. THAT will be a whole new investigation!
    None taken Sir ........ it does take all types to spin the globe.
    I use the "low" setting by the way.
    You will find that this forum is a terrific place to seek info, get help and even though I always feel like a flower-child when I say it ..... a real sense of brother/sisterhood.
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    So my bride and I stayed in Cambria, off of Hwy 1, this weekend. We traveled up 1 past Ragged Point...eye popping beauty of a day too. Anyway many times I found myself looking for good hanging spots. Guess this means the addiction is in its early stages eh?

    Can't shake the Clark 250 out of the noggin. Just too roomy and versatile to be ignored for moto camping. Plus Judy is sounding more open to the cash out lay.

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