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    SOLD:First round of sales...

    So I finally found some time to start thinning out the gear closet - here's the first set of things to sell...more on the way.

    Items do not include shipping - I'll look online for the estimated shipping to your location and use that. If you buy more than one thing I'll combine the shipping.

    PayPal works best but if all you can do is a check I'll ship when it clears. Money Orders ok, too.

    Post here what you want and if you'd like to use PayPal or snail mail...I'll PM you with details.

    Crazy Creek Crazy Crib LEX Lightweight Hammock with Ultralight Tarp - $120 This is a great car camping hammock. I backpacked with it several times and it works well for that, too...just a little heavier and bulkier than some other options, but it gives a HUGE open feeling inside so it would be good for folks with claustrophobia issues. Reviewed it here (read the Initial Review first, then the Field Review, then the Long Term Review). Includes hammock and supports, tarp, tarp lines, etc - everything in the original package except the stakes. Selling it b/c I haven't used it since the BGT test...still a good hammock, though.

    And some material...these are Wallyworld specials...some were $1/yd and some were $2/yd. I haven't weighed them or tested to see what's nylon or polyester...I'll give my best guess in the description.

    Off-white/light gray nylon, NOT ripstop, ~1.1 oz, no treatment, 17+ yds by 58" wide - $20

    Sold to Kohburn:
    Blaze Orange Coated Ripstop, 5+ yds by 60" wide - $5 - I think this is 1.9 oz RN with a heavy coating, completely waterproof and non-breathable. Suitable for a backpack...would work for a tarp but it's heavier than 1.9 oz silnylon.
    White Ripstop, 1.1 oz, uncoated, 1.75yds by 62" wide - $2
    Gray Ripstop, 1.9 oz, some DWR treatment, 14+ yds by 61" wide - $15

    Sold to drewboy:
    JRB Weathershield - Probably 10 nights on the set, excellent condition, no wear except for some wrinkles from packing. Suspension system not included but they're super simple to make or you can get one from JRB. I reviewed it here. Selling it just b/c I don't use it.
    - Top - $15
    - Bottom - $35

    Sold to HANGnOUT:
    Big Agnes Liittle Red 15F Kid's Bag - $30 Same BA style of replacing the bottom insulation with a pad pocket (i.e. no insulation on bottom). Suitable for kids up to ~48" or so...selling it b/c my kids outgrew it after only a few uses. It has a pillow pocket and a neck draft great in a hammock b/c the kids can't slide off their pads. No wear except for the gray X that REI writes on gear in their member sales. Includes stuff sack and big storage bag.

    Sold to beamarshall:
    Sky Blue Silnylon, 1.1 oz, 116" by 64" wide - $4
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