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    What is the total weight of the jungle hammock?

    Just wondering, including suspension, how much does your jungle hammock weigh? (just the hammock and suspension---not including the fly) I would really like to know the weight difference whoopie slings vs strap suspensions etc. Tri glides vs ring buckles etc. Just wondering...............
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    Just got my Claytor JH this morning.

    Hammock + Suspension + Fly = 1.63kg
    Fly = 630g
    Hammock + Suspension = 1kg

    Hammock is setup right now, but someone earlier posted that the suspension straps only weigh in at 112g which seems about right. I can double check them tomorrow morning.

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    My stock Claytor straps weigh 112 grams each... but please double check, as I was the one who posted it earlier
    As you can see below, our tarps have different weights, so it'll be interesting to see if the straps are different too.

    Posted this in another thread yesterday (but now with added link to the All-In-One suspension), so I thought I'd post it in this thread as well.

    Quote Originally Posted by TheWild View Post
    Heres a list of various Claytor weights (without the stuff sacks):

    Claytor Jungle - No suspension
    830 grams

    Claytor Jungle - Original suspension
    1054 grams

    Claytor Jungle - All-In-One suspension & Dutch Clips (the precious 15 grams each ones ) + a few leaves from my last trip )
    1055 grams

    Claytor Diamond Tarp
    560 grams

    The Claytor site lists the combined weight of the hammock and tarp as 1,5 kilo, so in my case it's a bit more than the listed weight.
    I'm of course no gram weenie, so I'll live happily with it.

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