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I have a DIY hammock but got the bug net from warbonnet and noseeum doesn't let much breeze through in that either, so I wouldn't expect to see a major difference there. One thing I do really like with my bug net is that when its really hot out I can just throw my sleeping bag over the side and it's held off the ground by the bug net, almost like a built in gear hammock. my 2
Redoleary, I have also noticed the "gear hammock" possibilities! I have put a few odds and ends down there from time to time.

If you or some one else here has the time, I would appreciate it if you could measure the length of the net on the top when pulled "tight", IOW when in actual use. Mine maxs out at 9 feet. With some of my no net hammocks I wish it was about a foot longer, and I guess I thought it would be as it is designed for 10 foot hammocks.

P.S. mine is the original version.