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    Mich. doe hunt overniter..

    Well, actually it was supposed to be a few day's or more but, you can't turn the other way when luck shines on you.. Michigan early doe season fired up on thurs. With some serious work schedule adjusting, I found myself heading north to Kingston mid afternoon.. Driving was amazing in the torrential
    downpours we were getting, traffic kept moving slowly, but moving..
    Reminding myself I was ""on vacation" I just kept turning the radio up louder..
    Upon getting into my hunting area, things were calming down rain wise ,but still windy. Due to the circumstances I moved position within some larger pines to block the wind.. Had a cheap 8x10 brown tarp, which was pretty stealth for the area..My grey goose..(blackbird 1.1 dbl.) Cheap wally world pad, a med. temp. sleeping bag and a fleece blanket.. After camp was set, I went for a sneak/ hunt/scout walk.. A meare 10min. into the woods,3 deer appeared from the ridge above me. After a cat and mouse back and forth, singleing one out, getting into range only to find out this" doe" had a small rack on one side... "Does only" But a pretty good start for me..
    Back at camp, time to play with my tikka plus2, very happy with that baby, that red light is plenty in actual real darkness.. Soaking it all in, a few bud lites, and a pretty darn good oldie station on my walkman phone, soon it was time to retire.. The nite low called for upper 40s, after settling in, adjusting air flow on the netting, I was out.....3 times I woke up to the snorting of disgusted deer, only to console them, letting them know we still had a truce til daylight .. It was wonderful.. Man I hated getting out of that hammock the next morning, but I was there for some tasty meat.. The good news was I did get one early morn, the bad news was that it was going to get too warm to safely hang the deer without concern of the meat.. So, down came the camp, I was packed and pulling out of there by 11 ish.. A great time, quick but great, another hammock adventure, God willing more to come..
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    Congrats on the successful hunt and the hang!

    I'm looking into doing a hang/hunt this season up in the Nicolet national forest here in WI. Trying to work out the rules and regulations involved, as there are both WI laws and Federal laws involved.
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    There is nothing like tender venison to fire up the ole taste buds. Congrats on a successful hunt / hang. Ya got to love it when you can combine your favorite outdoor pastimes. Nice stealth camp by the way!

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