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    Looks like the Jacks have indeed added zippers to their BMBH.

    Here's the detail from their site:
    The hammock comes complete with an attached bug net made of no-see-um netting that is zippered on three sides with a double pull zipper. It can be unzipped and tied back if desired when there is no bug threat.

    Very similar to our two mods for the BMBH.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Old River Rat View Post
    I am still "hanging out" on the forum, soaking up the wisdom from all you experienced hangers before I start purchasing my gear. I still have to wait until Spring 2011 before I begin to buy. This is good because I have changed my mind several times since wanting to take up hammocking. I have done a DIY gathered end hammock and find it satisfactory. But, in Shug's last video he mentioned a bridge hammock and I began to look in that direction. I think bridge hammocks may be more suitable to the way I like to sleep . . . on my side. I would like to hear from some of you who own the JRB hammock. There was one Youtube video by Eric Kaplan that has brought some concerns to my attention. The stitching is one. His hammock had some pretty bad stitching. The other concern on the video was the use of velcro to attach the bug netting. The JRB website mentions zippers now, so this concern is perhaps remedied. Any information you guy's offer will be greatly appreciated.
    Quote Originally Posted by DiezelDorf View Post
    I am looking forward to hearing some answers because I too am interested in the bridge hammocks and am thinking about purchasing one
    The BMBH has zippers now? That is a new one to me, wow! The original net has pros and cons. Ultra light and removable and no zipper to jam or fail are its biggest advantages. Definitely a hassle getting in place and sealed up ( compared to a zipper). There is a learning curve and a couple of tricks that makes it much easier to deal with, but it will never be as easy as a zipper. Still, works pretty good for me all in all. Most of the time I don't seal it on top except on the ends, I just let it drape over the edges. Other times. like if worried about ticks, I have it well sealed on the bottom half, get in and pull it up like a blanket and attach on the head end. Then, while letting it just drape for a while as I seal up the omni tape at my leisure. But no matter, there are zippers now! I may have to get one! but, then I can't save ~4 oz od weight in the winter! pros and cons!

    The BMBH is PROBABLY my overall favorite hammock. Each quality hammock design out there has some combination of pros and cons. In at least 2 or maybe 3 or 4 of those items, the BMBH wins ( for me) hands down. But that doesn't mean some of the other hammocks don't beat it in a few other areas, making them more preferred for many folks, and sometimes also for me depending on how I'm feeling that day!

    Still, GREAT hammock! I sure would like to try a GrizBridge!

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