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    Maaaaannnn be careful not to sit down to hard, I fractured my tail bone when I was bout 20ish and woooww I remember all to well how much,and long it hurt. Sorry to here about your trip to the floor.
    I will check all my knots next time I set up, the things we take for granted and assume that a knot will hold forever.
    Thanks for the warning,and hope you recover fast.

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    P-bear I'm glad to hear your doing better this thread has all of us thinking of safety with our gear. I too have dropped a time or two but was lucky.
    Your experience has me thinking of reviewing my setups especially my indoor Vario stand I may make a pad of some sort like was mentioned in an earlier post
    to cover that center bar, something would be better than nothing....hang low my friend

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    Quote Originally Posted by TiredFeet View Post
    Okay - so you are really using the cow hitch. This hitch is really not very secure when only one "tail" is loaded.

    Why not use a Larks head which looks very much like the cow hitch? Well if you only look at the part around the ring, they look identical.

    For your use, you would be better served by tying a loop with a bowline and then using the bowline loop to tie a real larks head. Much more secure. Sure it's 2 knots, but both are easy to tie. And you are already tying 2 with the cow hitch and the half hitches.
    OK, thanks for the tips. I'll have to go take a closer look at it, maybe I can get a picture. But I was under the impression ( because it looked like it did) that the back up knots I added made it more difficult, or nearly impossible, to pull through. And I can't apply equal tension to both tails, because one goes to the tree and the other hangs loose.

    Interesting idea about the bowline. You are saying run the Amteel tree end through the bowline loop, instead of through the cowhitch or larkshead? So you think the bowline would hold with the slippery Amsteel?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BillyBob58 View Post
    Interesting idea about the bowline. You are saying run the Amteel tree end through the bowline loop, instead of through the cowhitch or larkshead?
    Nope. I mean tie the bowline to get a loop. Then use the loop to tie a larks head knot on the ring on the BMBH. Both knots are very secure separately and when used in conjunction.

    It would be even better to just splice a fixed eye on the end of your whoopie slings and use the fixed eye to tie the larks head.

    Quote Originally Posted by BillyBob58 View Post
    So you think the bowline would hold with the slippery Amsteel?
    I have used bowline loops in a suspension. That was before whoopie slings. To get a loop on the amsteel supension to loop over the Marlin Spike in the webbing, we tied a bowline in the appropriate place and hung it on the marlin spike hitch. We used amsteel, 3 mm Lash-It and AS-78 at different times for the suspension and the bowline. I had the bowline slip once on getting into the hammock and when I investigated found out that I had tied the bowline incorrectly. Re-tied correctly and had no further problem that night. In many, many, many nights using the bowline in amsteel in the suspension, that is the only time it ever slipped.

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