I had a Cl. JH and diamond tarp. I sold it mainly because I thought I was getting a little obsessive with number of hammocks, including TWO Claytors ( other a No Net). Plus, someone was WTB for a JH, so I sold it. Sure have missed that tarp though.

But as to comfort: going by memory, it seemed to me like I slightly preferred the No Net, which is very similar except different material and of course no net. Still, there were a lot of things I liked about that Claytor JH.

But, I still rate my Claytor No Net at or very near the very top of gathered end hammocks for over all comfort. Along with the HH Safari, it probably has the least left calf pressure among the GE hammocks. Which is a problem I seem particularly prone to, more so than others. It also seems comfy with a wide variety of sag amount, lots of sag or very little. I have no ridgeline on it. And it is my go to hammock for use with the Speer PeaPod.

But, a No Net is not a JH. And my memory is not certain as to if the No Net is significantly MORE comfy than the JH.