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    Instructors and events wanted for Fall MAHHA 2010 Saturday, October 16

    Hey everyone! I've rented the pavilion for the MAHHA, Saturday, Oct. 16 for all day use. Dutch has promised breakfast in the morning and then we have the potluck dinner and raffle at 5-ish pm since it will be getting dark earlier. So we have all that "tween" time for activities at the great big pavilion by the parking lot. People really like the DIY mini gear workshops that 2Q, Dutch, and others have done in the past but it works best when we post a specific time for each one so people know when and where activities will be taking place. So . . . .

    1. Looking for volunteers again this fall for more of the same, more of the different. Things that come to mind. 2Q's pot cones (don't say Caldera), whoopie slings, wood stoves, fancy feast stove, any kind of stove! Even quick and easy hammocks could be a workshop. Use this thread to volunteer yourself and post how long you will need to teach people your skills and we'll setup a schedule of events.

    2. Maybe you don't want to teach, but you have something really cool to show people. Dutch's gearskin pack, bridge hammocks, Dixon roller pack, Aarn packs, and those tensegrity stands for multiple hammocks come to mind quickly. Post it here.

    3. If anyone wants to lead a group into Harpers Ferry and explore the town and visit the ATC headquarters on Saturday, that's another event.

    4. There are other interesting places to visit as well. Post anything that you might be interested in leading and we'll work it into the schedule.

    5. Doing an "Open House" on Saturday where peopel visit each others hammocks to see the latest, the greatest, the most innovative is also something that can be scheduled if people want it.

    6. We could even do a contest. Lightest hammock setups come to mind -- like Sgt. Rock posted on. Send me your hammock setup description and listed weught and we could pick lightest three to show off at the campsite above the shelter. No prize, just bragging rights. People are always interested in seeing the lightest setups. What's the material used, what are the knots, pullouts etc. Is there any interest in this?

    Throw out any ideas, requests, etc here and let's see what happens.


    PS: Just an FYI for Instructors: there is no electric at the pavilion.
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