Oh yes I did. I couldn't find any ripstop nylon that was marked 1.9 so I went with what I knew would be strong enough. The flag material is the next step up in weight from the ripstop it seams and has made a really sturdy hammock. I didnt do anything fancy to it yet. I just ran the seems and made the channel for the rope at the top and tied the ball at the ends. It ended up being 60"x132".(please for give my use of all the technical terms lol) I made my own 6' whoopie slings with 8 strand amsteal 7/64 (thats all that West Marine had. They arent far from my house.)

When I would lay down in my Grand trunk ultra light you could hear it creaking and it just felt small to me so that is why I made this one. There was not one noise or anything out of this one and I tried it out with me and my son in it. (330#) it is also very roomy. All this to say THANK YOU Hammock Forums without yall this would not have been possible.