I've finally recieved all my Hammock gear from the US.
1.0 double WBBB, tarp and Te wa summer UQ and TQ.

My UQ is the summer version of the 3/4 Te wa so I thought I'd suppliment that in colder weather with a silk bag liner if required and a foot pad.

I've had a play and cut up a bubble pad, silver type reflective car windshield thingy to use as a sitting pad / foot pad for in the hammock.

I guess it's about 28" square. Folds up nice and small and is very light. It's about 1/4" thick but reasonably ridgid.

Had a good play last night trying to get everything dialed in right for a 4 night trip in a week and a half but found it fiddely to get my foot pad to stay in the foot box on the WBBB.

Getting it between the layers was no problem, it was just trying to keep it right over the RHS of the footbox when I climbed in was the issue.

Any suggestions on what to try.

Also I have some 1/8" CCF foam I thought about trying but this would be even more bendy than the shield I have now. Might cause more issues.