I have slept in my variety of hammocks lately (Hen, Warbonnet, ENO, GTs) both indoors and out—I’m new to this hobby. It has taken me some time to come to the conclusion that I may be sleeping poorly/uncomfortably in the hammock because my head is slightly lower than my feet when in it. Although fine initially, it bothers me as the night progresses, and as a side sleeper, it's very hard to adjust position when my feet are higher than head.

I have read on here many times that most prefer feet higher than head. Are there others that prefer head over feet, or is it just me? Any tips on getting head higher than feet? I see that, if the suspension straps are the same length, given that the upper body is heavier than the feet, the hammock will tilt headward. So, I suppose the “fix” is to have the head strap shorter, or the head strap higher on the tree.

Any other tips or observations about head over feet would be appreciated.