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    Quote Originally Posted by Lando View Post
    Can someone explain how the baffell netting is sewn?
    Looking around at other peoples projects I see that they are strips of mesh or noseum spaced 5-7" apart and roughly 2-3" wide. They are sewn to the bottom layer of material and then I am lost on what to do next. Are they also sewn to top layer of material as well? The photos i am seeing are not real descriptive.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dblcorona View Post
    The baffle is sewn to the top and the bottom material. Think of it as the letter "I".
    It's funny, all the quilt builds I've seen never showed sewing those baffles to the top panel, and I just assumed it was done in an "I". I was going to ask the same question Lando did, so I'm glad this came out. Maybe the next quilt build someone does (or if I get around to doing one), can show a photo of baffles being sewn into the top panel, but before the edges are done and insulation is added. It would help us newbs a lot.

    Lando, are you going to tackle your quilt soon?

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    I hope to start soon, but will likely do a small down pillow, and then maybe a down pillow with 3-4 baffels in order to get the feel for working with the various materials, down...etc.
    I had never touched a sewing machine until a few weeks ago. My hammock came out nice, but all I had to do was hem the edges and sew a channel.
    It ended up at 21oz with a single layer of 1.9 ripstop, 2 bieners, 40' of 3/4 webbing that I plan to trim down, ridge line, stuff sack, smc rings and junk net pocket on the ridge line.

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