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Thread: Buying Fabric

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    The ripstop I've bought at Joanne's is 60" wide. They don't usually include the coupons in the flyers they have on the website. Check by the door on your way in. If you buy something, they usually have a flyer for the following week that they put in your bag.


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    Thank you all for the helpful information, it's greatly appreciated!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnSawyer View Post
    Unless you're over 6' tall. A 10' piece of fabic is about perfect. Much shorter than that, and it's hard to lay flat. My current hammock started it's life as an 11' piece of fabric, and I like it!
    The starting length of the hammock fabric depends to some degree on the type of ends you plan to make. Channels in the end uses the least amount of fabric ( 4-6" per end). Whipping the ends is next (~ 6-10" per end). If you go the route of knotting the ends you have to add even more. (12-18" per end). Each style has different characteristics so if you want the maximum flexibility in terms of testing you will to start in the range of 13' or so. 10' for the finished length is what I strive for as well.
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