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    Quote Originally Posted by XexorZ View Post
    Keep in mind that at 12x12 it has a HUGE ridge line length (~17 or so feet) - so wide spaced trees are a must when you hang it as a diamond. When hanging off bias it is long enough to cover the longest hammocks and wide enough to have a party under.
    Sounds like my kind of tarp!

    I have been giving more thought to haning this square and not diagonal. The GT SB Pro is exceeded in length only by the TTTM single, so at 10' 6" I really need to make sure I have a large enough tarp. Now to figure out the sag and how much I will need to cover...
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    it's a very nice tarp for the money...but man she is heavy
    33oz thats alot of weight for a backpacking tarp
    It puts the Underquilt on it's hammock ... It does this whenever it gets cold

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    Quote Originally Posted by XexorZ View Post
    I use this with my wife when we hang next to eachother as well as in the winter when I want extra protection.

    When hanging off bias it is long enough to cover the longest hammocks and wide enough to have a party under.

    Yup I got it for me and my son to be under. He is only 9 and I am a little uncomfortable with him being too far away from me when we are in the woods. As far as weight it has to be lighter than old blue from Walmart. As far as the party.... I think its pretty cool when you can fit your whole campsite under your tarp.

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