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    Don't buy temptrol

    I just got the two blankets I ordered. First, they could have been shipped by USPS for about $2 each instead of the $10 each they charged me. Second, the aluminum coating comes off at all the creases when you fold it and wherever you touch it. It will shortly be a white poly sheet with no reflective properties whatsoever.

    Here's a picture of the backside (the non-silver side) of the sheet up against my sliding glass door - the light spots are where the aluminum coating on the silver side has worn off just from my handeling of the sheet. I can't imagine how it would hold up in a washihng machine.

    I called the company and told them about my dissatisfaction. The said I could return the bed sheets for a refund less "a restocking fee"...why would someone restock a defective product? are they going to try to pawn this off on someone else?

    Instead I'll just warn others not to buy the product.
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