Without going to great length and detail,I had a problem with my 3 season Burrow top quilt. A small seem split in the foot box. Fortunately it was the last night on my 3 day trip to Dinky Lakes CA. I tell you it looked like a cock fight! I contacted Adam immediately and shipped the quilt back for his inspection and repair.

The next email was a bit of surprise for me! (Adams email)
"It looks like there was a little goof on our part. So you have a couple of options. I CAN fix your old one but with the location of the tear I do not think it will look like new. Can we just send you out a new bag? "

WOW!!! I just want to say thank you and give you the highest recommendation possible. Adam went way out of his way, not only to keep his costumer happy, but it is his name on the label and his workmanship that shows! Truly a man who takes pride in his work and a passion for Hammocking.

Thank you for the NEW quilt and you quality of excellence.
Much appreciation Russ Maynard